Strategies For Sleeping On The Job

Feeling a bit tired today? What about on Mondays, after a long weekend? Well, we’re here to help…with our informative tips for successfully Sleeping on the Job! Do yourself a favor and get paid to catch a few winks by following these sneaky tactics at work. has created a humorous video based on the topic of Sleeping on the Job. Have you ever slept on the job?
If you haven´t, you certainly must have wanted to at one point. If you are going to do this, howerver, we urge you to do the right way and not get caught! Weigh in your options and learn some devious nwe tricks for sleeping at work (without it becoming detected by your boss, of course) via this humoous and informative video. This has been created as a public cervice for workers everywhere!

Strategies For Sleeping On The Job: An Infographic by the Team at

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